TEA FACTORY GEN was born in Hiroshima Prefecture in the spring of 2016.
Genki Takahashi and his friends, who share his ideas, are working on various things related to tea.
For example, as a tea farmer, we regenerate tea plantations in Hiroshima, grow tea without fertilizers and pesticides, and as a manufacturer, we process and manufacture tea leaves, retail and wholesale, set up and operate a directly managed store (TEA STAND GEN), and product development. and other store produce.

We are not bound by stereotypes and are trying various things with the aim of maximizing the potential of tea.
And beyond that challenge, there is a mission to "make everyone happy with tea / create spiritual richness for everyone".

Among them, what we put the most effort into is the "Hiroshima Zairaicha" series, where we consistently handle everything from tea leaf cultivation to manufacturing and sales.
We make tea without fertilizers and pesticides in a place called Sera, which is the navel of Hiroshima prefecture.
Located at an altitude of about 400 meters, Sera Kogen is a region with a cool climate and extreme temperature differences, which makes rice and vegetables grow very deliciously and is a thriving agricultural area. It used to be the best tea-producing area in Hiroshima, producing a lot of fragrant and delicious tea.
In 2016, we were able to meet a tea plantation where native species grow, and in 2019, we were able to meet a 70-year-old tea factory, and we have started full-scale tea production.
In addition to conventional sencha, we also manufacture hamacha, which is naturally dried by exposing tea leaves to the sea breeze, Japanese black tea, which is completely fermented using tea leaves from Sera, semi-fermented oolong tea, and slightly fermented white tea. We use our five senses to determine the degree of maturity of the tea leaves at that time.

Cultivation that matches the cycle of nature and production that is not overly strained, so that farmers and producers can lead a decent life, and drinkers can feel at ease. Make everyone happy with tea.
We will continue to deliver our thoughts and imagined future with tea, and finished tea to people not only in Japan but around the world.

Hiroshima native tea

Hiroshima native tea is a tea that TEA FACTORY GEN cultivates tea fields in Sera, Hiroshima Prefecture without fertilizers and pesticides, and consistently handles tea processing and packaging.
"Native tea" is tea planted and grown from seeds, and is a valuable tea that is said to account for only 3% of all tea in circulation.
TEA FACTORY GEN's native tea is 50 to 60 years old.
The roots extend more than 2 meters deep into the ground, providing nutrients from the ground that are rich in minerals.
In addition, since it is grown without fertilizers and pesticides, it does not have the “umami of gyokuro” that is generally evaluated as delicious tea. It is characterized by being able to enjoy
Please enjoy the "gentle taste" that can be felt in common with each tea leaf.