what we aim for

What we aim for is to convey the charm of Japanese tea without being bound by common sense. With that as an opportunity, I am working with my colleagues to create a plan for Japanese and foreigners to rediscover the goodness of tea.

I also became aware of the profundity of Japanese tea overseas, and now the people and friends I met through tea make use of it. Do you know why tea has been around for thousands of years? This is because of the "self-incompatibility" I mentioned earlier. Tea trees do not mix with the same. not come true.

In other words, it is precisely because we have accepted diversity on our own initiative that the tea tree has survived so naturally to this day.

Just like the tea tree, we would like to continue to actively interact with heterogeneous things and convey the possibilities of tea to the world. I would like to provide the world with a happy cycle by drinking tea.

We will keep running until the world is relieved with tea.